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Urgent please, do not put items for interchange in cache container! Before picking up look around you carefully to be seen by nobody. If the cache takes a suitable place, will be seen during the time. The term TB means Geocoin, Travel Bug, Travel Slug ...

1) Do not put anything in cache container else than trackables items (exception applies for sigitems).
2) The rule piece for piece doesn't apply here.
3) If you put any TB in cache container, fill out/control the baggage ticket.
4) You can take the TB, when you can move it closer to the destination.
5) When TB stays longer than 30 days, you can take whatever the destination.
6) Log as soon as possible.

Date                 : 10 juli 2013

Place                : Mosnov

Country              : TsjechiĆ«

Waypoint nr.         : 73

Cache number         : GC1ZYEV

Cache name           : Airport Ostrava

made with love from - No Festival