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 This cache is located inside the Ostrava ZOO. When you are interested in ZOOs, or just looking at the animals and plan a trip here, you can hunt for this cache, too. We suggest you to use GPS only for the final stage due to a large number of muggles.

Since the cache is located in ZOO, we suggest you to trade ZOO, nature- and animal-themed items.

The location in the cache description is just next to the entrance. You can see a stone pillar with a message, containing the year 19AB (stage 1). From here, you can turn right and follow the path around aviaries to the deer enclosure, where you find several pieces of wood with marks of C animal species (stage 2).

Behind the small predators' enclosure , there is a pole with a letter and two digits DE (stage 3).

Next hint is located at the African animal exposition, however you may consider looking for the solution of stage 5, if the closing time of pavilions is approaching (~1h before the ZOO closes).

When you stand in front of the African animal pavilion, there is a wooden scale. The highest number on this scale is F (stage 4).

When you return to the primates pavilion, you need to descend GH steps to get inside (stage 5).

The last hint awaits you in a new part of the ZOO (so new, that it is not in the on-line map) on a hill behind the Education pavilion. In the centre of a clearing there stands a circle of I wooden statues (stage 6).

Now you have all the required information to calculate the cache location. The formula:

N 49° 5[F-E].[A+B][B+H-C]I'
E 018° 1[C+H].[I-D][A+G][(H*E)-(F+D)]'

If the cache location is inside, or near an enclosure, pavilion, or in the water or restricted area, then something is wrong. In this case, you should check the values of A-I:

A + C + E + H = 19
(B + D + F + G) * I = 80

ZOO Ostrava


Date                 : 29 november 2012

Place                : Ostrava

Country              : Tsjechië

Waypoint nr.         : 57

Cache number         : GC1582P

Cache name           : ZOO Ostrava

made with love from - No Festival