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Geocache beschrijving:

Take me to the river!


Where the water meets the land is a very interesting and fertile place, and you can learn about the biology and geology of this riverbank area by wandering around looking at the information signs.
You'll need really big fingertips, but there's also some giant Braille lettering to try out!

If you want to get further along the riverbank, or out on the river, you can hire bikes and kayaks nearby.

If you walk across to Heirisson Island you might see some kangaroos (and find some caches. Here's a hint: going across to start the "This is Heresy" multicache might save a wasted trip to the Island...)

Watch out for cyclists when you cross the path; they're supposed to be going slowly, but some of them seem to think "Slow" means the same as "Flat out!"

If you have a Nature Play WA passport (, please use the stamp provided in the cache to stamp it


Date : 2 september 2015
Place : Western Australia Perth
Country : Australie
Waypoint nr. : 115
Cache name : HKBCIt's rude to point fraser

made with love from - No Festival