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Cache has very strong mimicry. Please mask the spot carefully. Do not spoiler. The box you are looking for is 5l Lock&Lock.


Since every international airport has its own TB hotel, we are pleased to reintroduce you our new located TB Hotel at Ruzyne airport. This TB Hotel fully substitutes GC18NM1, which has been lost together with history. Be careful to catch your flight! Cache is located just few minutes from terminal 1 & 2, but you know that. Many moogles present near cache should extend your hunt to almost one hour. If you don’t have enough time, don’t risk! Cache owners do not refund money for missed flight! .


1) Do not put anything else than trackables (exception applies for (Sigitems).
2) TB Hotel is not a TB Prison, so the common rule piece for piece doesn't apply here.
3) Please always respect each trackable goals and missions. Act in accordance with Para No. 4) & 5) below.
4) If you drop any TB, please fill out the baggage tag and then attach that on the TB. TBs are very emotional creatures and they can be easily disappointed if anybody sends them in the wrong direction.
5) For that, take that TB only if you can help to accomplish its goal. The only exception is when TB stays in the hotel longer than 30 days.
6) Log as soon as possible as courtesy to the owner and the other cachers.

Date                 : 31 juli 2013

Place                : Praag

Country              : Tsjechië

Waypoint nr.         : 98

Cache number         : GC25W1Y

Cache name           : Ruzyne airport

made with love from - No Festival