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The twenties and thirties of the last century was characterized by a belief in technological progress and development, which was also an integral part of air transport. After capacitively ceased suit first airport in Prague - Kbely, then the government decided to build a completely new airport situated on the plain called Long miles northwest of the city center, not far from where we are right now. The first aircraft with the affected countries 5 April 1937. The founders gave the airport endowed not only the location but also the form, which was at that time very modern and unique. The first passengers were so excited to not only fly, but also functional terminal building, for which the authors, led by Adolf Bens won the Gold Medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. Expansion of air transport in the progressive sixties led to the decision of the airport operator to move all traffic north. First started with the construction of new and expanded runway system and then in 1968 opened a brand new terminal building, which is still part of Terminal 1 In 1968, full of dramatic events, thus became a milestone not only in the lives of citizens of Czechoslovakia, as well as the airport itself, which after eight years of construction work got a whole new look. Next and the last major building development took place in the nineties and the beginning of the new millennium, when the Czech Republic became part of the community of developed European countries. At that time, the opening of the new Terminal 2, which provided the necessary capacity for dynamic growth in flights within the Schengen area. From 05 October 2012 is part of the airport name name of the first President of the post-November and the great personalities of our modern history of Mr. Vaclav Havel.


Date : 15 januari 2015
Place : Praag
Country : Tsjechië
Waypoint nr. : 108
Cache number : TLBFWR8M

made with love from - No Festival